V-Hotel on the podcast

Finally, the time has come: The V-Hotel gives it to the ears. No, not with its own podcast. For once, we were guests ourselves and that in several Podcasts of different hosts .

Listen in, learn exciting news, one or the other well-kept secret and tips for your stay in Bonn. You will also find answers to questions such as: Who is actually behind the V-Hotel and what does the “V” stand for? What drives us, what visions do we have? Why does Sustainability such a big role for us? And what is the Art about?

Immerse yourself in our little V-universe, you are cordially invited!

Your V-Team

By the way: If you would like to look back to our beginnings, we recommend our small Press Archive with numerous reports and pictures.

V-ollow us


The V-Hotel has a lot of stories to tell about the sustainable, efficient energy concept , the successful avoidance of CO2, the tree houses and design rooms, light- flooded conference rooms and exciting event formats . Not to forget: our family atmosphere and the unique location in the middle of the countryside! In short: There is simply a lot of good news!

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