Sustainability in the V-Hotel – we do something!

Lots of people talk about it, we do something: Come in, feel green! This has been our motto since the first idea, to design this hotel as a smart building and to run it as sustainably and energy-efficiently as possible. Our hotel has the latest technology for innovative electricity and heat generation, with a combined heat and power plant, solar panels, the latest battery technology for energy storage, iWater for smart water management and AI control for energy management.

Our commitment to environmental and climate protection is great and we work every day to do even more and to become better. And of course our guests can also make a contribution themselves.

There are lots of smart details and features that make up our V-Hotel:

GREEN CHOICE BONUS für unsere Gäste

Save money, a lot of CO2 for the environment and some work for us!
How it works? In the case of a stay of several days, you will be credited a bonus of € 5.00 per dayon which you refrain from “making your room” (excluding the day of departure). Simply indicate Green Choice at check-in and we will deduct the bonus from the invoice amount at check-out.

Klimaneutrale Übernachtung dank ClimatePartner

With a climate-neutral overnight stay in the V-Hotel Bonn, our guests make their own contribution to climate protection. But what does that mean? Your overnight stay is climate-neutral if the CO2 footprint of the overnight stay is calculated according to internationally recognized standards and offset with the help of emission certificates. It sounds complicated, but it isn’t!

This is how it works: In the booking process, after selecting your room and length of stay, you can offset your CO2 emissions with the help of our certified partner. You support recognized climate protection projects of the worldwide partner network and at the same time improve the living conditions on site. In our example, this is a hydroelectric power plant in Renun, Indonesia. Überzeugen Sie sich selbst!


Since the opening of the V-Hotel in 2014, we have saved a remarkable amount of CO2 and are very proud of our intelligent energy system with our own power plant, solar system, battery and creative water system!

Sustainable hotel management is part of our mission. You can see exactly how much CO2 we have avoided since the opening of the V-Hotel on the globe in the entrance area to the right of the reception. Curious? Then let’s go.

Klimaneutrale Hotelwäsche

We also have a lot of hotel laundry. At the guest’s request, towels are not changed daily in the V-Hotel either. This generally helps to save water and detergent and protects the environment. That’s not enough for us, so we go one step further and work with a partner who rents out hotel linen and offers it in a climate-neutral manner. The “rent instead of buy” business model is based on the reusable system. Rental linen and equipment that is no longer required is returned to the cycle. The textiles are repaired or sensibly processed through recycling or upcycling. A convincing thing, we think.

Toilettenpapier – Ecolabel zertifiziert

We ensure a good climate in the “quiet place”. No, not just by frequent airing. Much more exciting, because toilet paper and paper towels at the V-Hotel are made from 100% Tetra Paks. Yes, you read that correctly and you are welcome to take a closer look at the production process here.

By the way: The paper is certified with the European Ecolabel and because no bleaching agents or dyes are used during processing, our toilet paper is natural beige, just like unbleached cellulose fibers look.

Vegane Pflegeprodukte von MALIN+GOETZ

Our guests often ask for the great MALIN+GOETZ care products in the rooms. From now on you can buy our little feel-good program directly at the reception to take away for €15.00 (per bottle with 236ml).

Who has the choice …

  • rum hand wash
  • rum body wash
  • peppermint shampoo

… prefers to take all three! By the way, they are also a nice gift.

Why do we trust MALIN+GOETZ? The beauty line by Matthew Malin and Andrew Goetz combines proven natural ingredients with advanced technology for uncomplicated skincare luxury. True to the “less is more” approach and with a focus on sensitive skin, MALIN+GOETZ is constantly increasing the demands placed on the ingredients in its products.

Our product selection is vegan and cruelty free . Simply feel good with a clear conscience, that’s what we like!

Reserve the product of your choice directly by email .

Ökologische Heiz- und Wassertechnik

Smartes Energiemanagement

Our energy-saving program really gets going in the middle of the night. While our guests spend a pleasant, quiet night in one of our design rooms or in one of our three tree houses, our smart energy management program (AI) uses individual algorithms to determine the best price for the energy that needs to be bought. And, if required at all, the program becomes active at the appropriate time and feeds our energy stores (by the way: two BMW i3 batteries). However, this has to happen quite seldom, because our most modern power and heat generation makes the V-Hotel largely self-sufficient.

So you can relax and enjoy the night at the V-Hotel in Kottenforst and save energy while you sleep.

Und sonst so? Eine ganze Menge anderer Dinge!

  • This homepage is powered with 100% green electricity by our host. The promise: “We rely on renewable energy. The electricity in our data centers comes 100% from hydroelectric power plants that meet the strict criteria of TÜV SÜD. We are thus contributing to environmental protection – with green electricity without climate-damaging CO2 emissions or radioactive waste.”
  • You will receive your invoice printed on 100% grass paper.
  • Your breakfast egg comes from a local farmer, as does the coffee, which we source from a Bonn roastery.
  • You will find some insect hotels and bat boxes on the grounds of the V Hotel to preserve biodiversity.
  • We provide our employees with a job ticket for using public transport.
  • And last but not least, we support regional and national action days and much more…
  • NEW: Bonus cleaning #green : Save money, the environment a lot of CO2 and some work for us! How it works? If you stay for several days, you will receive a bonus of €5.00 per night (excluding the day of departure) if you refrain from “making the room”. Simply state this at check-in and collect the #green cleaning bonus.