Packages & Prices

Conference packages (from 7 people)1/2 day*defaultBusinessExclusive
meeting room
Provision of the number of people
conference technology
projector, 2 flipcharts,
2 pin boards, pads & pens
welcome coffee
with croissant, butter, jam,
Nutella and honey or sandwiches
break in the morning
with a sweet snack
afternoon break
with homemade cake
Unlimited conference drinks
in the meeting room
mineral water & apple spritzer,
Tea, coffee & specialty coffees
Having lunch
3-course lunch buffet
Incl. mineral water and hot drinks
3-course buffet
WiFi and parking
free of charge
Price of your event flat rate
per person
from € 60.00from € 70.00from € 75.00from € 95.00

*Bookable between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. or 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. Included is either a morning or afternoon break and either lunch or dinner.


SpacePer dayPer ½ dayPer hour
RAUM WILDSCHWEIN€ 390.00€ 230.00€ 65.00
RAUM KOTTENFORST€ 490.00€ 290.00€ 80.00
RAUM VENUSBERG€ 590.00€ 360.00€ 95.00
RAUM THINKBOX€ 280.00€ 165.00€ 45.00
RAUM SUITE 208€ 300.00n / An / A

The rental price includes provision costs and the permanently installed technology (e.g. beamer, screen, flat screen) as well as high-speed WLAN.

Additional technology according to availability (price per piece)

Pin board covered with paper and pins€ 20.00
flip chart incl. 1 pad of flipchart paper and 5 pens€ 25.00
Flipchart pen extra€ 1.50
presenter case€ 30.00
PC speakersfree of charge
lecternfree of charge
Pen + Paper per person€ 3,50
Laptop€ 50.00
Photocopies b/w€ 0.20
Photocopies colorful€ 0.50

If you have any special requests or requirements apart from the additional technology listed above, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Conference culinary – price per person

coffee and pastries in the meeting room€ 12.00
Unlimited soft drinks at lunch€ 6.00
Unlimited non-alcoholic beverages in the meeting room and at lunch€ 12.00
Get together at the end of the event with a glass of sparkling wine 0.1l or Kölsch 0.33l€ 3.50
½ filled baguette roll also vegetarian
Ham, cheese, salami, various Sausage types also vegetarian
salmon and trout
Whole filled baguette bun

€ 4.00
€ 4.50
+ € 1.00
Vegetable sticks with fresh herb quark
Strips: celery, carrots, cucumber, celery sticks and radishes
€ 4.00
Fruit platter with fresh seasonal fruit

€ 3.50
€ 5.00

Finger food – served in a Weck glass from 8 pieces per variety

Cold finger food
Tomato mozzarella with fresh basil € 4.00
Bulgur with apple and celery € 4.00
Melon with farmer’s ham and herb potatoes€ 4.00
Chicken curry masala with sesame and mango€ 4.50
Couscous with sheep’s cream cheese and zucchini € 4.00
Pasta salad with tomatoes, olives and arugula € 4.00
Prawns in herbs with cherry tomatoes and zucchini€ 5.00
Warm finger food
Small chicken cutlets with cranberries€ 4.50
Chicken skewers with herbs and chili dip€ 4.50
Small pizza, tarte flambée or quiche€ 4.50
Homemade soups in a jar
Tomato soup with herb dip € 4.00
Potato soup with sausages (also without )€ 4.00
Indian Thai curry soup€ 4.50
Spanish gazpacho with diced vegetables (cold) € 4.00
Sweet finger food
Mini leavened yeast dough biscuits 2 pieces pp€ 4.00
Yoghurt cream with fresh seasonal fruit in a jar€ 3.50
Nut-raisin-cranberry mix€ 3.50

The evening together

Dinner standard 3 course menu€ 28.00
Dinner KochmanuVaktur
The chef will let you in on the secrets of his “Beurre Café de Paris”. Then we will serve you
high-quality 3-course menu roast beef “Café de Paris” (from 8 people)
from € 53.00
BBQ buffet (from 10 – 25 people)from € 35.00