V-Hotel Bonn

Art & Design – we love it!

Picasso would certainly have liked to have been our guest at the V-Hotel. Why do we say that so arrogantly? His credo: “The secret of art lies in the fact that one does not seek, but finds.” And our guests will find plenty of art and design in every corner of the V-Hotel, in the rooms , in the conference rooms and even in the tree houses . Save yourself the searching, you will find a small excerpt of our favorite pieces and places in the hotel on this page. And the best thing to do is to visit us on your trip to Bonn and spend the night in the middle of nature on the Venusberg!


“Speak In Extremes – It Will Save You Time” (David Bowie)

Behind the concept of FORMTYP is Gregor Flother from Cologne. Gregor has made a name for himself as a graphic designer developing corporate identity projects for street culture companies (Eastpak, Vans, Titus) and as an illustrator. And that authentically, because he has been creative as a skateboarder and graffiti artist since the mid-90s. Today he is also responsible for the artistic design of our three stone pine tree houses. Here he has impressively implemented his artistic credo “Speak in extremes – it will save you time” (David Bowie). Experience Formtyp’s art on the doors of our “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Forest Spirit” and “Rostlaube” tree houses. You should simply take your time for this!


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The heroes of youth – freshly made in the V-Hotel:
The heroes of youth – freshly made in the V-Hotel. DROPIX is a street art artist from Bonn, who takes on the heroes of our youth in an ironic and loving way. This is how we discover new sides of Mickey Mouse, the Smurfs and Snow White. Gyro Gearloose and his little helper even adorn one of our favorite rooms, the ThinkBox, oversized, how appropriate. A wonderful conference room, furnished with pine wood, a view of the countryside and everything that conference guests could want in terms of technology. The perfect place for creative ideas and constructive planning.


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Expect the unexpected!

That’s the Paste Ups philosophy. A modern, popular form of urban street art culture. Small drawings on paper are attached to walls with glue or paste and can be removed without leaving any residue. It’s worth taking a good look around the V-Hotel. Because here you will always find paste-ups by the street artist “1zwo3” from Bonn: at the breakfast buffet, in the conference rooms and of course in one or the other room. We would be happy if you have as much fun with the small works of art as we do.


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Thomas Baumgartel

Everything banana!

What some call art is just “banana” for others. And when art and banana come together, it’s usually a Thomas Baumgärtel. The famous banana sprayer from Cologne not only gave the V-Hotel its own banana, which now beautifies our entrance area, but also designed three walls in the hallway of our hotel according to his taste. The previous building stood empty for 12 years, during which time a lot of graffiti appeared on the walls. Thomas Baumgärtel has taken on this and now old and new are mixed into a new overall composition.


Camillo Fischer

Eyewitnesses: Historical Bonn

From Adenauer to Warhol, he’s had them all… in front of his lens, of course. Camillo Fischer worked from 1960 as a freelance photo journalist in the then federal capital Bonn. With his black and white photographs he provides a special testimony. Let yourself be surprised which motif awaits you in your room. Conference guests in the large Venusberg conference room like to use the breaks to take a closer look at the pictures. You can find out more about Camillo Fischer here.


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Ralf Majewska

Made in Bonn

A bit of Beethoven, would you like… Ralf Majewska has exhibited a series by our Bonn composer in the V-Hotel. Beethoven is presented in a colorful and varied way, even Mickey Mouse and Superman can be found there.


HG Esch

Architectural photography: V-Hotel opening 2014

He is at home where others go on vacation – and what he brings with him are unique perspectives on the megacities of our time. Most recently traveling mainly in Asia and the United Arab Emirates, he took the time to photograph the V-Hotel when it opened in 2014.