Ralf Majewska

A little Beethoven pleasing... Ralf Majewska has exhibited a series by our Bonn composer in our breakfast room. Beethoven is staged in a colourful and varied manner, even Mickey Mouse and Superman can be found there. All works are available as limited edition for 280,00 €. Each motive is printed on an Alu-Dibond plate, i.e. you don't need a frame any more... is practical, isn't it?



“Speak In Extremes – It Will Save You Time“ (David Bowie)

Behind the FORMTYP concept is Gregor Flother from Cologne. Gregor has made a name for himself both as a graphic designer developing corporate identity projects for street culture companies (Eastpak, Vans, Titus) and as an illustrator. And this is authentic, because as a skateboarder and graffiti artist he has been creative since the mid 90s. Today he is also responsible for the artistic design of our three Swiss stone pine tree houses. Here he has impressively implemented his artistic credo "Speak in extremes - it will save you time" (David Bowie). Experience Formtyps art at the doors of our tree houses "Rotkäppchen", "Waldgeist", and "Rostlaube". You should simply take your time!

H.G. Esch

He is at home where others go on holiday - and what he brings with him are unique perspectives on the megacities of our time. Most recently traveling in Asia and the United Arab Emirates, he took the time to equip the V-Hotel with photographs that can now be seen exclusively on our website.

Camillo Fischer

From Adenauer to Warhol, he had them all ... in front of the lens, of course.
 From 1960 Camillo Fischer worked as a freelance photojournalist in the then federal capital Bonn.
 With his black and white photographs he provides a special testimony to his time. Let yourself be surprised which motif awaits you in your room.


Thomas Baumgärtel

What some call art is simply "banana" for others. But when art and banana come together, it is usually a Thomas Baumgärtel. The famous banana sprayer from Cologne has not only given the V-Hotel its own banana, which now embellishes our entrance area, but has also designed three walls in the hallway of our hotel according to his taste. The previous existing house stood empty for 12 years, during this time many graffitis have developed on the walls. Mr. Baumgärtel has taken care of this and now old and new mix to a new overall composition.

This is true pop culture!


The heroes of youth - freshly made in the V-Hotel:
DROPIX is a street art artist from Bonn who takes care of our youth in an ironic and loving way. So we discover the new sides of Mickey Mouse, the Smurfs, Snow White and much more. But also Beethoven and even Santa Claus are worth a bigger side blow. Or Dropix interprets the celebrities of street art in his typical way. A nice example can be found in the entrance area of the V-Hotel. By the way: Dropix also designed the facade of our new conference room, the Thinkbox.


Paste Ups by „1zwo3“
Expect the unexpected! This is the philosophy of paste ups. A modern, popular form of urban street art culture. Small drawings on paper are attached to walls with glue or paste. They can be removed without leaving any residue. It is worthwhile to take a close look at the V-Hotel. Because here you will always find paste-ups. They come from the streetart artist "1zwo3" from Bonn. He has no real explanation why he does what he does. He enjoys it, it's a hobby and doesn't hurt anyone. Except perhaps the abdominal muscles. His motifs are animals like penguins, giraffes, grizzly bears and elephants - animals that don't exist in our latitudes. Stylized supermen like Batman and other film characters have been added. His goal is not for people to stand in front of his pictures puzzling or searching for a deeper meaning. He just wants to convey a good feeling and show that you shouldn't take everything so narrowly. And you can also think about that...