Jennifer Hennessy

My son and I really enjoyed staying in a tree house. You are much more to yourself. In particular, the happiness of the “rust bower”, located at the very back, more hidden, offered us privacy on the “balcony”.
Integrated into nature, the first glimpse of the forest in the morning, hearing nothing but crickets and animals in the forest in the evening, smelling the wood in the tree house…
Just relaxing and super special.
The tree house is so efficient and great equipped, also great made for a child with the cozy corner on top.
There were so many things so super, but especially loving is to highlight each person from the staff. It was already in a review, but I also found this one of the most special: the staff also has breakfast in the guests’ room, the same breakfast. It creates even more closeness, community and something nasty like “class thinking” is simply eradicated. Never experienced it before and I thought it was great. Everything seemed familiar and therefore authentic and satisfied.
If money grew on trees, we, or I alone would come back regularly to enjoy this natural getaway!!!!

Thanks for everything!!!