to be there.

Welcome to V-Hotel

So there you are now... in the middle of the green and yet as close to the city as you can be. In the V-Hotel. Here everything is designed to make you comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere with lots of art and great design. Whether you want to do your business in peace and quiet or simply explore the surrounding area - we have everything you need to make life pleasant and enjoyable for your senses at fair prices..


Chic is not the yardstick.

But what makes our hotel so different that it is so difficult to escape its charm? Quite simply: we! And our passion to offer you something special. Not only on the whole, but also and even more so in every little detail. That's why we think consistently environmentally conscious. We have a sustainable heating and energy system. Let's simply find better. And it fits perfectly into our ecologically conscious overall concept. But: Just come by and let us inspire you!