Where is the V-Hotel located?

On the Venusberg, in the clear air above Bonn - and yet central and conveniently located near the absolute hotspots.

Come a little closer and take a deep breath. Yes, that's nature, what you're just inhaling. This is nature, what you are just inhaling. Fresh from the city forest Kottenforst. Too fresh? Then you have it with the car only a few minutes up to the city centre, to the museum mile, to Poppelsdorf (the night out area of Bonn), to the airport and straight times 2 minutes to the university clinic. No car with you? Also not bad, the bus stop is directly in front of the door. And everything else also not so far away. But if you are already here: Take a few more trains and just stay there. This is the most beautiful place anyway.


And vice versa.

What you see here is not the forest for the trees. But wait, that's what makes it so special. You see green, you feel green - they are in the green. In the middle of nature. And we have arranged it so that you get the most out of it. Directly from your room or the view from it. And the best: in winter it looks completely different. How wonderful is that then? So wonderful! To be exact.


The Sound of Nature.

In town, it sounds like town. In the country it sounds like in the country. And with us? The way it should sound. After genuine pure nature. After birds. After bears (well, with a little imagination - but they used to be). To forest. After what many of us have completely forgotten in everyday life. That there's something else besides the car noise and the babble of people who forgot to listen. Enjoy it!