To a tête-à-tête with the squirrels: Our tree houses are dream houses!

Just a few steps: and a new world opens up! Even the exterior says that something unusual is happening here. Here the form follows the function. It would be an understatement to call the tree house "Little Red Riding Hood" in shrill red, our tree house "Waldgeist" in forest masterly green and the rusty brown of the facade of the "Rostlaube" a patina.

But then - inside - the true, soothing and cuddly core is revealed. Our preferred building material for the tree houses is Swiss stone pine. And that makes our tree houses really dream houses. It has been proven that Swiss stone pine promotes healthy sleep by lowering the heart rate in an almost ideal way. That creates time for beautiful dreams. And also otherwise are construction method, Design and equipment predestined for the fact that you feel in the whole year, at each time and with each weather situation in our tree houses so correctly well.

And indeed, we are at least in the Kottenforst, you can observe squirrels and come a little closer to them. With very, very good luck and if chance would have it, you will spot a particularly funny fellow: our "Erich Eichhorn".



Weekdays 1 Person
(Mo—Fr) from 153,00 €

Weekdays 2 Persons
(Mo—Fr) from 178,00 €

Weekend SR
(Fr—Su) from 190,00 €

Weekend DR
(Fr—Su) from 215,00 €

Tree house special from 3 nights:
2 persons for 150,00 € per night
1 person for 110,00 € per night

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The stone­pine

You heard right, we bring the trees directly into your room. The Zirbel makes your heart beat quieter and thus has a calming effect.


Your neighbours

are probably the fluffiest neighbors you've ever had. But watch out, they like our tree houses just as much!



is best done with a view into the forest in one of our comfortable beds..



yourself up with us. Make yourself cuddly warm up there.



is surely high up there. Because before going to sleep even the squirrels brush their teeth!


A water­fall

we can't offer you, of course, but a pleasantly warm shower.


The quiet place

is even quieter in the treetops than still. And is in each of our tree houses.



We don't want to keep you from telling everyone how much fun you have with your neighbors. WiFi with squirrel speed.



does not grow on our trees, but is nevertheless available for you in the tree house.



there are of course also in the heights of the Venusberg...



If tea and coffee are not enough. We understand this and provide you with various drinks in a minibar.



All your clothes will be stored in our beautiful designer cupboards.



you'll also find at a height of three meters.



We prefer to keep the lucky key ourselves. But we'll give you one for the safe so you can keep your favorite things safe near you.

Little Red Riding Hood

Sure, this red doesn't make us think of a little man standing in a forest. Forest and Little Red Riding Hood are just too beautiful a combination. And perhaps the story of Little Red Riding Hood also advises us that we should always be attentive and a little careful. That's why it's not advisable for children to spend the night alone in one of our tree houses J. Then the adventure is limitless.


Request our tree house Little Red Riding Hood

Rust Bucket

Here is real proof that you really shouldn't deduce from the outside to the inside. So, the hull with its morbid charm of a "corrosion product". But inside it's like the other two tree houses: uniquely cosy! And the old moped under the rust bucket dreams of rushing off immediately - if only it had its engine...


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Forest Spirit

Our tree house "Waldgeist" presents itself in a forest masterly green. All the others of these cute journeymen are actually garden gnomes. He claims in any case. The forest spirit belongs here anyway. The Kottenforst is HIS realm. Our guests are of course very welcome for the duration of the booking - with all comforts and a lot of feel-good ambience. We made the deal with him - we promised.


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