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Teambuilding: Mr. Ludwig Elter,

Teacher / Speech Therapist / Trainer
Teambuilding measures within the framework of seminars & conferences
Introduction to simple relaxation techniques, meditations
Creative training in sculpture and painting is definitely something different, that's how we would describe it.

Mr. Elter doesn't want you to be satisfied.... Mr. Elter knows that he will inspire you, so he gives you a guarantee of enthusiasm!
If you are not enthusiastic, you pay nothing.

The friendship to the V-Hotel and his experience with people, proven and deepened over many years, makes Mr. Elter the perfect partner for teambuilding measures.

He knows the area like the back of his hand and integrates the beautiful nature reserve Kottenforst into his programmes, so you experience unique events in the forest, so that completely individual days and evenings arise in and at the V-Hotel.