May we introduce ourselves:
The V-Team!

Our hero is the team! Also here in the V-Hotel. Especially as a very personally owner-managed design hotel, we are dependent on our employees. Here it is not only a matter of professional qualification - but also of character and personality. Every employee brings his or her individual strengths to bear in order to offer you a perfect temporary home. And with all the special features (from the tree house to the event) that we offer you, competence and commitment are particularly important. You can fully trust our V-Team!


Christina Voit

The lateral thinker

Harald Voit

Cooking without frills

Karin Voit

The eye for details

Sarah Behling

The good soul of the house

Gregor Kukwa

Banquet Bachelor

Daniel Eulen

Finds the salt in the soup

Reception team

Corinna Ecker

Snacks gladly, even if one does not see it

Haret Musa

Nutrition and Gymprofi

Ajla Dizdarevic


Marta Siebel

Pure fitness, whether hockey or skiing

Fabian Müller

BVB-Fan, always up to date

Franziska Schossig

Attention... likes to drive fast!

Our trainee

Hawa Barry

Our diligent little bee

Our breakfast fairies

Lisa Kovacs

Our Omlette-Queen

Catharine Dietz

Cordial and deeply relaxed - has everything under control

Conny Caffaro

Always lends an ear

The Special Forces

Uli Hoffmann

The man for all occasions


The V-Wauwau

Here we are